5 Tips For Successful Custom Integrations with NetSuite

Making a case for custom integrations 

Emmanuelle Gutterman, CIO of Cellebrite, a global company known for its breakthrough mobile data technology, wanted to move her firm’s IS infrastructure to the cloud using a best-of-breed applications approach. But doing so was complicated. Her firm has 2 sales […]

SuiteWorld 2016: Key takeaways from Celigo’s perspective

It was day 2 of SuiteWorld 2016.   

Several of us Celigians were wearing t-shirts which read “io, integrate anything”.   As a group of us left the dining hall after eating lunch in the afternoon of SuiteWorld 2016,  a passerby stopped Amit, our Product VP and asked […]

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Celigo’s new ADP-NetSuite Connector streamlines HCM

Human Capital Management (HCM) is one of the most important business process in any organization.

An efficient HCM system ensures smooth functioning of a company and interacts with other systems such as finance and accounting to share critical data. So today, Celigo is proud to announce the launch […]

By |May 29th, 2016|Etail & Retail, NetSuite, SmartConnectors|

Lockbox-NetSuite Connector renamed as Cash Application Manager

Lockbox – NetSuite Connector has been of Celigo’s most popular SmartConnector™. We are changing the connector’s name to Cash Application Manager. Here’s why:

Our customers have relied on Lockbox – NetSuite Connector to supercharge their account receivable process. With the Lockbox-Netsuite Connector, they have been able to convert hundreds of payment transactions […]

By |May 2nd, 2016|Marketplaces, NetSuite, Products, SmartConnectors|

Celigo launches JIRA – NetSuite Connector

Celigo has just launched the newest member of our SmartConnectors™ family – JIRA – NetSuite Connector. With more than 30,000 companies using JIRA every day, JIRA has become synonymous with Issue Management.

In most organizations handling issues, service requests, feature development and escalations require multiple teams […]

By |March 7th, 2016|Marketplaces, NetSuite, Products, SmartConnectors|
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